Trade Show Display Design: To Rent or To Buy?

To buy or to rent a trade show booth is a question that many business people struggle with at some point in time. If you are having that dilemma now, don’t worry, we’ll help you make the right decision.

So, should you rent or buy your trade show booth?

Both renting and buying present their own sets of pros and cons, what you settle for will largely depend on your business and budgetary preferences. Aspects like rebranding your company, the number of trade shows you’ll be attending, your desire for flexibility and the size of the booth also play a role in determining whether you should buy or rent your booth.

As you may realize, you’ll need careful consideration to make sure your choice is not just economical, but also sustainable for your business, now and in the future. To help you get started:

Consider these reasons to rent

  • Cost

Renting will cost you way less money, especially when working with a reputable company like Expo Marketing. And the fact that you won’t be liable for storage, insurance, maintenance, and disposal fees, allows you to save even more. The same cannot be said to owning one.

  • Wise investment

Since renting costs less, you are left with more money to invest in other important things like your message and graphics, both which are essential to bringing prospects to your booth.

  • Flexibility

Different trade shows have different kinds of audiences. Renting gives you the flexibility to adjust the structure of your exhibit as well as its graphics to suit your audience.

  • Testing

Renting gives you the chance to try it a booth, before making the huge investment. If you like it, then you can decide to custom-build your own.

  • Overlapping shows

When you have multiple shows that are overlapping, renting provides you with the freedom to attend both without having to break the bank.

  • Upgrading

Renting allows you to adjust the booth – you can add new graphics, messaging and any other branding needs.

Consider these reasons to buy

  • Stand out

Trade shows attract hundreds, and even thousands of businesses, and booths. If yours is a cookie cutter booth, it’s likely that it will be lost in the crowd.

  • 100% uniqueness

Designing your booth from scratch will give it a personal touch that will be unique to your business. You won’t need to adjust it to fit your solutions, because it was built specifically to accommodate them. Besides, since it’s designed with your business in mind, it is sure to be unique, like no other.

  • Color

Think about your brand colors and designs, and how you want them to appear in the booth, from top to bottom. That’s what you get when you build your own.

  • Cost-effective

While renting is affordable, buying your own can be more cost-effective if your exhibit display is larger than 10×10.

Which one to choose

Well, this will depend on your needs. However, you may opt for a hybrid program, where you rent and buy your booths. This way, you can still enjoy the uniqueness, attend overlapping trade shows, and increase your floor space, among other benefits.