How to Gain the Edge with your Business Proposal

Bidding for contracts is an exhaustive process and with your competitors also trying to present their bid the best way they can, you really want to have the edge in some way. There are online business proposal design solutions that are second to none, and what’s more, these powerful tools can be accessed from any location, all you need is a device and an Internet connection and you are good to go.

The Cloud

If you are not fully aware of what cloud technology can do for your business, you will be very happy to learn what this online application allows you to do. With all your data on a remote server, authorised users can edit and update, the client can be given access to the end product, and you will know when they have viewed your proposal. If, for example, you had a team of five working on a bid and they are all remotely located, the cloud allows them to collaborate in real time, and they won’t need bulky software to access their work.

Design Templates

If you want to take your presentation to the next level, import high quality graphics, charts and graphs, and with a range of designs that are suitable for every industry, your presentation will certainly stand out in one respect. Choosing a suitable marketing proposal template, for example, allows you to browse through the many designs, and when you find the right platform, simply add your own data to create a slick proposal. You want your client to raise an eyebrow when they view your proposal and if your data is well presented, it is easier to digest, thus maximising your chances of winning the contract.

More than Just Templates

While you do have access to countless design templates, the cloud-based application allows users to contribute from a remote location, while also facilitating real time communication. Ideal for multi-national companies who often collaborate together when putting a bid together, using a cloud-based service will give your team the tools they need to put together a slick proposal that ticks all the boxes. The beauty is that any size company can take advantage of the service, and it is very affordable, and should you need some help, the developer would have round the clock online support.

Connecting the Dots

When people who are remotely located have to work together on a project, this presents some serious logistical issues, as team members try to interact. In fact, this alone can cause a deadline to pass and you are not yet ready with your proposal. If the entire team have 24-hour real-time access and all the data they need is available online, then you are connecting the dots and you can be sure of a professional proposal on time.

If you want to gain the edge, take advantage of the latest generation of business proposal templates and you won’t be disappointed.