Ways to Grow your Business

Having a small business is no small task especially in this economy. There are lots of things that you need to think about and ensuring that your business keeps growing is one of them.  It can be tricky in the first instance to get your name out there, so we’ve put a list of ideas together for you.

Business Networking

Networking is a great way to make new connections and grow your business. At these events you can dish out some business cards and educate people on the benefits of what you do.  You never know, you could actually meet people that could be helpful to your business in other ways.  So, you could meet experts in certain fields that can help your business grow.  If you make a good first impression, you never know how long that person will remember you for.

Build on your Reputation

There are lots of 3rd party review sites out there these days that can help you build and boost your reputation.  You can use the likes of Google My Business, Trust pilot and other industry specific review sites where the content is user generated based on your customers experience. This means that people will be much more likely to trust you and what you have to offer.  If you do get a negative review, it’s important that you respond and manage this correctly.

Telemarketing Services

This is a marketing solution that people shy away from, but the right B2B telemarketing service can generate some great leads for your business.  As long as the supplier understands your needs, to allow them to increase upon conversion rates, doing this on your behalf whilst you are busy with other tasks can be exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Referral Marketing

Getting referrals from clients and connections is a great organic way to grow your business. You can implement a referral system with your own employees too, so that they are incentivized to get their friends and family to purchase a product or service.  Word of mouth is also one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is.  The incentive could be a promo code or a discount, or something else tangible that you can give away.

Social Media

In this day in age, everyone is using social media – so if you don’t want to be left behind, then you need to make sure you take advantage of it. You can do targeted ads to reach a certain audience, or else you can simply build your brand with relevant updates on what your company is doing and offering online.  If you update your site with blog updates, it’s also a good way to drive traffic back to it.

If you are a new start and looking to grow your business – then hopefully these top tips will help you on your way to generating more leads and conversions.

Image: Pixabay