How to Increase Footfall in Your Store

Every store will have its daily downtime where you have an empty store but plenty of customers hanging around outside. How do you get them to come to have a look at your goods and services? Here are some of the things you can do to entice them in.

Keep the Storefront Clean and Tidy

Your customer’s first impressions will not be when they walk in through the door but how the store itself looks from the outside. Make sure to sweep the pavement and keep the windows clean. When a customer looks through the door, the rest of the shop should appear clean and tidy too.

Any window displays should be interesting and displaying the newest stock available inside. Changing the windows on a regular basis will encourage customers to repeatedly come to see what’s new. Windows help to grab the interest of passers-by; make sure your shop then holds their attention.

All these little details will add up to an inviting store people are sure to want to visit.

Invest in Some Interesting Signs

Like your window displays, your signs will play a key part in attracting new footfall to the business. Your big sign above the door needs to be eye-catching and interesting but you can also get a lot of use out of other signs too.

If possible, you can place a signboard out in the street to direct customers into the store. This has more chance of catching a customer’s eye and having them glance up at the shop than if they were to simply walk past. You can also use smaller signs inside the store to point towards special deals and offers.

There are plenty of companies local to you who can provide you with unique and eye-catching designs, so even if you are looking for sign design in South Africa, there will be a company who have the perfect ideas for you.

Busy Staff, Busy Store

Nothing is more off-putting than entering the store to see the staff standing around either idly chatting or browsing their phones. It creates an unwelcome atmosphere and can make a customer feel like they are imposing.

Train your staff to always be looking for something new to do in-store. There is always something that can be cleaned, tidied, or reorganised, and your employees need to be on the lookout for these tasks.

Make sure that they never forget customer service. The store with the surly employees will be avoided while the shop with the busy but smiling staff who are always happy to help will always have loyal customers.

In-Store Experiences

There are many other ways of increasing footfall in your business. Loyalty schemes, product demonstrations, and additional services are all great ways of attracting new customers and new regulars.

If you can cover the cost, you could also consider offering a small service for free. Choose something that you know your competitors charge for, but you can offer for free and watch as the customers come to you. Plus, while they wait they can browse your shop! It’s a perfect situation for everyone.

Image: Pixabay