How to Hire the Best Candidates for Your Business

Recruiting new employees can be a tedious and time-consuming process that can take months. In the end, both you and your prospective hire want to be completely satisfied with the process and the contract you have offered. Here are some top tips to ensure you are only getting the best candidates for the role.

Analyse & Plan

Every time you begin a recruitment process, you should be collecting data. Go over this data again when it is time to start anew. It may bring up some interesting patterns or concerns which you can address when hiring this next batch of employees.

Make sure you have a detailed plan for this period. Identify what you want from an ideal candidate and prepare your job advert accordingly. Decide where you want to place the advert. A general job advert is likely to grab you a wider range of talent whereas some site require a vetting process before you see the listings; getting you fewer applications but a higher quality of candidate.

 As well as the job advert, you need a timeline for the recruitment process, so you know exactly how long you expect each stage to take. Being well-prepared on your end will make the entire process run smoother.

Consider a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are a fantastic resource for any company. If you are expecting a large volume of applicants, or you do not have time to review applications due to other projects, enlisting the services of a recruitment agency may be a smart idea. Companies like Devonshire Recruitment can find you the best talent for your job, no matter what industry you are in.

Look Outside the Box

This common phrase can be used to tackle a number of different parts of the application process. Firstly, the invention of the internet means that you can view your candidate way beyond the information they provide you. Search for your candidate’s social media profiles and, if you are able to, have a browse.

The resume is the chance for them to sell themselves to you. Social media tells you the person you will really be hiring. Many attractive candidates have fallen at the final hurdle because of an ill-thought-out Facebook or Twitter post. Make sure you are not hiring someone who is not who they say to be.

Looking outside the box is also a great tactic to apply to interviews. Asking unusual on-the-spot questions like “what is your go-to karaoke song?” or “which 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?” may seem childish or out-of-place during a professional interview but they have their purpose. These questions force candidates to think on the spot and they are more likely to answer honestly than come up with a workaround. Innocent questions like “have you ever been on a boat?” are great for testing these kinds of reactions and prompting more; is the candidate willing to share an anecdote about themselves or simply answer yes or no.

Image: Pixabay