5 Top Decorating Tips for a Welcoming Professional Office

Just as personal appearance often offers the first impression of a person, the appearance of an office is the first impression of a business. You always want a professional and welcoming office space that is sure to wow both visitors, clients, or new hires. Here are 5 top tips for easy ways to decorate your office.

Colour Scheme

Pick no more than three complimentary colours and use them throughout the office. Pick one neutral colour to form the most predominant colour used and then choose some bright extras to form snatches of colour around the room. These can be through furniture, light fittings, or even the colour of one feature wall. Just make sure you do not overuse the bright colours. Too garish a choice will distract your employees and may not be to everyone’s taste.


A little greenery will improve office morality and keep things fresh and inviting for businesses. You can also use the plants as a motivational tool to help keep them alive; assign each employee a plant to take care of and offer a small prize to anyone who can keep their plant healthy for a certain amount of time.


Choose your lighting carefully. Ideally, your office will have plenty of natural light. This is the best and most flattering light available. While fluorescent lights may be the brightest, their light isn’t always the most welcoming. Search for alternatives that will give you the same brightness in a more stylish and welcoming manner.

Little Details

It’s the small things that can make or break a workspace. High quality nameplates will add a touch of professionalism and can be customised to fit any design aesthetic. If you want a uniform, cohesive working environment, make sure that all your furniture matches from the bins to the chairs to the computers. Likewise, an office that is completely mismatched but still stylish and welcoming might provoke a creative flair. Decide which atmosphere is best for your business.


However you choose your office to appear aesthetically, it must also be kept clean and tidy. A dirty office is never professional. Keep working areas clean and tidy and make sure bins are taken out before they are allowed to overflow. Any and all cables should be neatly tied up and tucked away so they don’t look messy and unsightly.

Have a few guidelines for any personal effects employees are allowed on their desks. A school picture of their children; sure. A snapshot from every one of their family holidays for the last 15 years; maybe not.

You can also consider making the move to a paperless working environment. This will not only cut down on clutter but is a fantastic eco-friendly move which is sure to impress your prospective clients.

Whether you are looking for a complete office refit or just a few small changes, there is always something you can do. With these tips inhand, you are well on the way to a smarter workspace!

Image: Pixabay