Factors to consider when searching for hot desking

What’s hot desking? – The supply of shared working space, where desks, PC, telephone are supplied with an ‘as-required’ basis this is not on a ‘one-to-one’ basis. Using the development of mobile services, hot desking may also range from the routing of voice along with other messaging services to the location in which the user has the capacity to sign in for their secure corporate network. Therefore phone number, email and it could be routed to their location around the network with no longer to simply one physical desk.

Why must I consider hot desking?

Most office desks are utilized 60% of the morning, with 4 hrs to be the maximum time a person will probably occupy a seat continuously.

The price of supplying a desk in Manchester is 20k each year.

Therefore we can easily see when a company is searching to grow or can help to eliminate accommodation costs, hot desking offers real savings.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Hot desking could be a very effective a part of a DR plan, because the area needed for emergency accommodation could be general and won’t require a lot of time for you to setup. When the DR plan’s also operate on a ‘hot desking’ basis, costs can again be reduced as the staff won’t require a dedicated desk, reducing the number of seats needed and growing using the desks to more key staff.

What types of hot desking can be found?

Two styles are possible, that you can use together or by themselves

Traditional – Desks inside a standard configuration, with storage areas. Services to desks, telecoms and computer services. Printers/fax/copier services presented to desking area.

Informal – No formal desks, sitting area with wireless, telecoms and computer services. (Users will access services using a cell phone or laptop).Storage boxes for individuals who could be utilized and came back to some general holding area. Printers/fax/copier services presented to single location within easy achieve.

Exactly what do I want inside a hot desking area?

Like a advice the following areas will have to be looked at

Computer services – Capability to connect laptop (data connection, power connection) or PC.

Telecommunications – Telephone services, that could be allotted through the user logging to the computer terminal or services.

Office services – Copier, printer, scanner etc.

Work space – Work space for non-internet based work.

Storage and filling areas – Personal storage or shared facilities.

Meeting area – For client or team conferences.

Facilities – Toilet areas, drink or food vending.

Booking system – A receptionist or online facilities to check on availability and book desks or meeting rooms.


It’s suggested that the short study is commissioned to check out potential inside the organisation and identify a suitable project which will bring financial savings and elevated productivity.