Five Skip Bin Services Beneficial to Businesses

While skip bins are great for renovations or cleanup projects for either residential or commercial purposes, they can also be retained for a business’s regular disposal needs. Businesses such as construction companies often need skips to regularly dispose of materials of all types on job sites. By opening a commercial skip bin account, they can benefit from these services.

Discounted Rates

Instead of hiring a skip individually for every project that your company has, you can open a commercial account to hire the services of a skip bin company on a regular basis. Most skip hire companies offer special rates to commercial clients for giving them their business. Many skip bin companies also offer financing so a business can open a credit account if they want extra time to pay for their service.

Accepts Various Refuse

Many types of businesses can rent skip bins to dispose of rubbish that they accumulate on job sites. Along with construction contractors who need to dispose of timber, roofing materials, and packaging, other types of contractors can hire skip bins as well. Landscape contractors can hire skips to get rid of plant materials, soil, or gravel from landscaping yards and plumbers can get rid of old pipes or fixtures from plumbing repairs.

Offers Various Skip Sizes

When your business schedules a skip bin hire in south Perth, they can choose among various size skips for their project. If a plumbing contractor is reconfiguring and replacing pipes in the bathrooms of a house, then they may only need a small skip to hold the items being thrown away.

However, construction contractors can hire skips that can hold up to 10 cubic metres of refuse from jobsites. Being able to hire different size skips allows contractors to accurately estimate the waste removal costs for each of their projects.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Construction contractors certified in asbestos removal can hire skips to help them properly dispose of this hazardous material. Asbestos needs to be disposed of in a certain way so that it doesn’t present a health hazard to those handling it during its removal or those hauling it away. As long as they are notified beforehand, many skip bin companies will pick up and take asbestos to an appropriate disposal site.

Recycle Materials

Since the country is placing an emphasis on green practices, businesses needing to hire skips can properly dispose of recyclable materials. Although your business can hire skips to separate recyclable waste from other materials being thrown away, many skip hire companies will check skips and remove recyclables before taking them to disposal sites to keep recyclables out of landfills.

If your business has a regular need for skip bins, consider setting up a commercial account to dispose of waste properly.