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The Hyundai i20 has become a popular car among the people in India. Bangalore is one such metropolitan city, which has one of the highest numbers of cars on road in India. A reputed firm like Hyundai is an extremely reliable firm, even when it comes to buying one of their used cars such as the Hyundai i20.

The Hatchback along with its several features makes a good buy for the people, especially for the middle class segment of the society. The Hyundai i20 makes for an affordable, reliable hatchback and at the same time a stylish and feature packed car, which makes for a good purchase.

Why the Hyundai i20?

Hyundai is a very reputed car manufacturing company that has several successful cars that have been popular in the country. From the Hyundai i10 to the top of the line Elantra, it has a popular car in almost all of the segments. The Hyundai i20 is no different; it is one of the most popular hatchbacks alongside its younger sibling, the i10.

The i20 has been in the Indian market for several years and has not disappointed and has earned a name for it. It is more spacious and has better interiors compared to its fellow competitors in the same category.

Used or New?

Various studies and reviews of people have shown that the Hyundai i20 is an extremely reliable car, so much so that Hyundai has 2 different variants of the i20 in the market with each having a different line of models. Even if a person were to purchase a used Hyundai i20 in Bangalore online or offline, it would make for a good used car buy as Hyundai’s after sales services are known for their consistency. The cost of the used car depends primarily on the model/ year, the mileage and the condition of the car.