Compelling Reasons to Move Your Company to Switzerland

You have large ambitions, and your many goals are designed to move your company into the future. One of the best ways to accomplish success is to expand into the foreign market, especially into the enormous European economy. However, to reach the powerhouse that is Europe, you need a strong base from which to start. For this reason, there are certain parameters you need to consider before you get started. The four most important are location, governmental policies, quality of life, and location. To get the best of these and set your business up with the most benefits and fewer frustrations, you need to consider Switzerland.


Switzerland is home to some of the most highly-trained workers in the world, and it ranks among the best for available talent. Academic education is supplemented by direct, hands-on apprenticeships in practical skills, creating real, invaluable talent many companies scramble to get their hands on. In fact, nearly 50% of all employees in Switzerland work in areas requiring highly skilled workers, making this the ideal location to ensure your company is made successful by the right people.

In this country famous for its beauty, there is a nearly 100% literacy rate, and more than 80% of citizens speak English as a second language. The country is also home to several extremely reputable universities and research centres, making it a hub of knowledge and learning for students and intellectuals around the world.

Switzerland has more patents per capita than any other country, as per the European Patent Office (EPO). This is directly caused by this country’s ability to turn research results into lucrative, marketable products that are used across the globe. Businesses located in this country enjoy free movement of workers within both the European Union and European Free Trade Association. Through this, you can expand your operations within Switzerland without relocating your employees. Once you know that this is the direction you wish to move, contact a reputable company to help in setting up business in Switzerland.


Governmental Policies

The Swiss government operates as smoothly as its famous chronometer watches, and you can rely upon it to help your business succeed. It is a governmental goal to treat potential investors and companies similar to the way you treat customers. Advisors are readily available to help a company work through the process of making the move there and getting set up.

Employment laws are extremely liberal, and the labour market is only marginally regulated. Its federal taxation system is an attractive draw for both individuals and companies, and certain agreements with industrialised nations ensure companies only pay taxes in one country of business. For all of these reasons, many foreign investors find Switzerland too appealing to ignore once they decide to dip their hand into the European economy.

Whether this is your first time branching outside of your country or not, Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world in which to start a business. The right companies will see you through the entire process to make it fast, easy, and cost-effective. Once you have everything established, you only stand to grow across all sectors of your industry.