Why Businesses in the GTA Use Self Storage

Businesses in Toronto and the GTA can appreciate the necessity of budgeting, especially when it comes to real estate. With some of the highest prices for real estate in the entire country, the GTA (North York included) can be an expensive place to live and do business. Professionals in the area need to make savvy choices in order to save money on rent. An important cost-effective measure is the addition of a secure mini storage unit to your property. In North York self storage facilities provide affordable spaces to keep your extra inventory and files off-site, so you don’t have to spend more of your budget on a property that has on-site storage.

In the GTA, there are a variety of storage facilities that you can choose from. In order to make your choice easier, you should stick to those services that deviate from a one-size-fits-all approach. The whole point of investing in off-site storage is so that you can save serious cash on your commercial square footage. If you’re stuck with a unit size that’s far too large for your purposes, you’ll waste money on its rental fees, as its cost will be determined by the space’s dimensions. A minority of facilities like those offered by Abacus Self Storage offers a variety of sized units in order to provide the most affordable units in the GTA. Abacus Self Storage units in North York can be as small as a single closet or large enough to store the contents of a 3 – 4 bedroom house. There’s something for every need without having to settle.

If you plan on using your unit to stowaway valuable inventory items or financial records, your next priority is security. You need to be sure your business’ stock will be safe for however long you intend to store it. The mini storage North York business owners trust with their inventory will come with round the clock security, including surveillance cameras, locked enclosures, password protected entries, monitored alarms, and physical security checks.

Last but not least, you should have the option of both short- and long-term contracts. You may only need to rent a unit for exceptionally busy times of the year when your excess inventory skyrockets. Or, you could need an off-site storage room year-round, for as long as you intend on being in business. Whichever describes you situation, don’t forget to confirm both security and size flexibility are features of your chosen mini storage. It’s the only way to ensure your unit remains a cost-effective way to beat the GTA’s exorbitant real estate prices.