Quality Certified Used Cars in Bangalore: How to Find Best Value for Your Money

Certified used or pre owned cars in Bangalore are not really different from an ordinary used car. However, the biggest factor that differentiates certified and non-certified cars is that the former comes with an assurance of quality from a dealer or manufacturer which the latter do not come with. Certified used cars are sold after multi-point inspection. Here’s how you can find quality certified used cars in Bangalore.

How can you find and buy certified used cars in Bangalore?

Certified used cars or certified pre owned cars can only be bought through dealerships that are authorized to issue certificates. You can even find certified used cars from a car manufacturer and by going through any of the authorized dealers of the manufacturer. These manufacturers run their routine inspection before putting up cars for sale. Non-brand used cars dealers also have their own inspection and certification programs. Usually, you get a better price when you buy certified used cars from a non-brand dealer.

How is a car certified?

At first, the inspectors check how many kilometres the car has run and then they check the age of the car. Used cars in Bangalore can only be certified if the car is not more than five years old starting from the registration date. Also, quality certified used cars in Bangalore have all run not more than 50,000 kilometres. Once a car passes through these two gates, it will go under rigorous tests conducted by the dealer. Car body, engine performance, transmission, interiors and various other factors are taken into consideration before certifying a car.

If you are looking to buy a car on a budget, going for quality certified used cars in Bangalore would be a wise decision. Find a trustworthy dealer first.