Let the Shredders Come to You

Whether you realize it or not, your business needs a way to discard of confidential documents and files in a very specific way. The sensitive information regarding clients, financial records, and intellectual property can’t fall into the wrong hands — which they will if disposed of with the rest of your office’s garbage. These trash and recycling bins can be accessed by anyone on the street and may become the target of identity thieves. These individuals use the information recorded on these documents to open fraudulent accounts in other people’s names. This isn’t just an inconvenience for those affected. It can also cause severe legal and financial trouble for the business that let it happen.

The retention period of certain information, like financial and contact details, is regulated by the federal government. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) was drafted to regulate the way in which personal data is collected, stored, and disposed of in order to ensure the safety of consumers. That means only those trained to handle confidential material should record this information and access these records. It also means businesses must be aware of the information about the document destruction process that will ensure their discarded files are properly disposed of.

Instead of in-house shredding protocols, information security experts suggest this task is outsourced to accredited shredding services Toronto business owners can trust. There will be a clear divide in the services available in the city: those that do their shredding at an off-site facility and those that complete on-site shredding. Drop off shredding will collect material and shred it at a later date attheir own facility. While there may be security measures in place, these multiple locations can increase the chances of losing documents along the way.

On-site shredding services, on the other hand, arrive at your place of business, collect all of the documents, and complete their comprehensive destruction without ever leaving the premises. Their vetted employees use certified mobile shredders to destroy physical and electronic records until the information they hold cannot be retrieved. This eliminates the chances of losing even a single document, as you can oversee every step until your confidential material is destroyed. Only then will they drive to a secure recycling facility to dispose of the shredded paper.

In order to adhere to PIPEDA, it’s important you get the best Toronto shredding services on your side. They can guarantee the right training and equipment is used when disposing of your information, resulting in a more secure way to eliminate waste.