HR Duties and the Courses Needed to Master Them

Human Resources, usually referred to as HR, is one of the most complex departments in a business. This department handles every aspect of the business’s employees from the initial recruiting phase through their exit interviews if they ever leave the business. HR professionals have to understand many different areas, especially if they are department managers or upper-level employees. Here are some of the skills these professionals need to master along with some of the courses they may take to learn these vital skills.

Recruitment Strategies

One of the most difficult and yet vital parts of an HR department is recruitment. If a company cannot attract the best and brightest new employees, it may not be able to grow and expand. Recruitment strategies have changed, too. Today’s millennials want different things than previous generations, and HR professionals have to keep up with these needs. They must learn how to create new benefit structures that attract these professionals, and they need to learn how to implement those strategies.

A strategic HR management class can be very helpful in this area. There are a number of different levels of HR management, and those who are directors or want to become HR directors will find the information presented in this series of courses very helpful. There are also some courses that focus directly on recruitment and selection that will be useful for those who primarily deal with these areas.

Business Changes

Sometimes, businesses need to change the direction they’re moving in. This can mean changing the area the company is focused on, the products or services it provides, its branding, or even its location. The HR department is often in charge of minimising the overall cost and impact of that change. To that end, HR professionals need to understand the change process and how to approach it. This can include changing how the business is managed, its overall structure, and its processes.

Taking human resources management courses that focus on change will teach HR experts how to manage change in the best way possible. These courses look at why businesses fail and the common errors often made by these businesses. Once these errors are determined, HR managers look at how they can successfully change their own companies in order to avoid these pitfalls.


Another area HR-professionals are responsible for is training. While each department will train its new employees on specifics related to their job duties, HR provides training to the entire company in areas such as sexual harassment, project management, and continuing education. They often look at how to provide additional learning opportunities for employees and how to foster a learning culture at the company. There are a number of training courses that will help individuals learn how to do this. There are courses that focus on things such as learning styles and principles, different learning models, and how to assess needs.

These are just a few areas HR professionals may need to learn about in order to effectively handle their daily duties and prepare to move into upper management positions.