3 Top Tips for Buying a Noticeboard for Your Office

There are a number of furnishings and fittings which every office needs. One of those things is a noticeboard.

 Noticeboards provide employees with a physical space where they can hold idea generation sessions, post to do lists, events, meetings and other general information.

 So, how do you go about finding the right noticeboard for your office? With so many different shapes, styles and materials on the market, it’s hard to know which will best suit your needs.

 Here’s our 3 top tips for buying a notice board for your office, which should hopefully guide you towards a decision.

 Consider its Purpose

 The first thing you need to consider is what purpose your noticeboard will serve. Is it going to displaying term notices in a corridor? Is it going to be the centrepiece of a meeting room? Is it going to sit above your desk for personal reminders?

 If you intend it to serve as a long-term noticeboard in a walkway or corridor, then a board covered in fabric and a plastic casing is probably best, this shows it is not for everyone to use.

 If you need a board to act as the focal point for meetings and staff discussions, a magnetic or cork board might be better suited as they are easily altered and reposted.

 If it is for personal use, a cork noticeboard might also be preferable as it is easily altered, perfect for pinning paper notes and photographs. Take a look at this creative post by Apartment Therapy, who have put together a number of ways to personalise noticeboards, perfect for this example.

 Size is Important

 After you’ve considered the purpose of your noticeboard, the next thing to work out its size.

 We spoke to retailer Noticeboards Online for their personal advice on size. They told us, “Size can vary massively depending on its purpose. If you want a personal board to hang above our desk, it’s better off being small, so that people from across the room can’t read your every thought from miles away.”


 “If you intend on your board being a place to notify all staff, you’ll probably want a large one so that you can place big posters on it, therefore they’ll have less of an excuse for not seeing it.”

 Noticeboard Content

 There are lots of things you might post on a noticeboard, from a picture of your children to information about a staff night out.

 Depending on the location and purpose of your noticeboard, you might want to organise it slightly differently.

 Take a look at this really handy post from The Order Expert which offers lots of tips on how to organise your office noticeboard correctly.

 It is also worth considering how often a noticeboard might get altered. If it is used for brainstorming, you might want to consider a magnetic board with magnetic accessories which are easily moved. If it is a more permanent fixture, pins and staples might be better suited to holding down any content that goes on the board.